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Church of the Assumption of Mary

The Lamentation of Christ
Master of Frankfurt
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Watervliet Nood Gods Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Hemelvaartkerk

The Lamentation of Christ triptych is still located in the church it was placed in back in the 16th century. The monumental work is considered one of the finest masterpieces from the period and features on the list of top pieces of Belgium’s Flemish Community. Purely based on stylistic grounds, it has been attributed to the Master of Frankfurt, although it bears no signature, monogram or date.

Church of the Assumption of Mary

Founded by Jeronimus Lauwerijn of Bruges, the Church of the Assumption of Mary was built between 1503 and 1540. It is often called the ‘cathedral of the north’ due to its remarkable architecture and extraordinarily rich interior.

Stee 10
From 1 March to 15 November from 8 am to 6 pm.