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St Columba’s church

St Columba of Sens’s altarpiece
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Deerlijk Sint-Columbakerk

The decided gem is a 16th-century polychrome wood very singular and historically significant altarpiece depicting the life and martyrdom of St Columba. Originally it was housed in St Columba’s chapel, a place of pilgrimage built onto the church, but was moved inside when the chapel was demolished. It was restored by the Belgian Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK/IRPA) in Brussels between 1982 and 1988.

St Columba’s church

St Columba’s church is a three-aisle hall church with a pointed octagonal lantern tower. The building was damaged during both WWI and WWII, but was repaired each time. Originally a Romanesque church, it was transformed during the late gothic period and refurbished again at the end of the 18th century in a more classicist style. Only the Romanesque lantern tower, south transept and part of the choir from the period have been preserved.

Kerkplein 14