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St Paul’s church

The Disputation of the Holy Sacrament
Peter Paul Rubens
Antwerp Rubens

Prelates and monks are in deep discussion around an altar with a monstrance containing the Holy Sacrament. In the background, the heavens open as God and the Holy Spirit appear in the blinding light, while the theologians and church fathers in the foreground, referring closely to the Bible, carry on their discussion as to whether Christ is really present in the Eucharist or not.

St Paul’s church

The magnificent interior of St Paul’s church boasts more than 50 paintings by famous Antwerp masters like Rubens, Anthony van Dyck and Jacob Jordaens, more than 200 sculptures, richly decorated baroque altarpieces and some of the world’s finest sculpted church furniture. The organ was first commissioned in the 17th century, but was repeatedly restored and added to. One decided must-see is the 18th-century Calvary with more than 60 life-size figures.

Sint-Paulusstraat 22
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