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The Last Judgment
Adriaan Moreels
Pieter Van Boven
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Geraardsbergen Stadhuis Laatste Oordeel

The city council commissioned The Last Judgment from painter Willem Westvalinc in the 15th century for its townhall. The original was duly completed in 1456, but disappeared. It was replaced with a copy started by Adriaan Moreels in 1525 and finished by Pieter Van Boven. This colourful, densely populated work is mainly interesting from an iconographic point of view, as it is unique for a Last Judgement in Flanders.


Though the townhall as such was built back in the 14th century, it was repeatedly destroyed by fire as various foreign powers occupied the city over time. However, it was always rebuilt, albeit in the current fashionable style. The old cloth hall now houses the local tourist board.