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Church of Saint Servatius

Annunciation of Mary
Jan Boeckhorst
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Schaarbeek

This masterpiece shows the moment the angel Gabriel apprises the timid ‘housewife’ Mary (see the basket at the bottom of the painting) of the fact that she will bear the Son of God. The dove represents the Holy Spirit and we also see God’s hand. 17th-century painter Jan Boeckhorst, nicknamed ‘Long John’, was a pupil of Rubens and Jordaens in Antwerp and also spent a long time in Italy. The latter period in his life clearly shows in the figure of Gabriel on this canvas from 1664. Boeckhorst worked on commission for lots of patrons, including many churches and monasteries.

Church of Saint Servatius

This cross-shaped church was built in natural stone during the 1870s and provided with lots of striking buttresses and a high portal wing. The old gothic church nearby was demolished in 1905, but many of its artworks were brought to the shiny new church, although the furniture itself dates from the time of construction.

Haachtsesteenweg 301