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Flemish Masters in Situ helps visitors find a set of truly unique places away from the well-trodden and busy tourist trail. These works may be hidden gems in well-known art cities, but they are mainly tucked away in smaller towns and villages across Flanders.

Flemish Masters in Situ also opens the doors to places otherwise closed to the general public. In this way the project takes visitors to churches, chapels, monasteries, beguinages, castles and town halls where they can admire original paintings by the Flemish masters of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries in the locations they were originally created for.

Flemish Masters in Situ lets visitors discover and experience these often unknown works, setting the right atmosphere through discrete scenography. Texts and images bring the spectators closer to the works they are looking at and highlight the many sublime ways in which the Flemish masters included the future surroundings of their masterpieces.

Flemish Masters in Situ by Flemish arts and heritage magazine Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen is part of the larger Flemish Masters project of the Flemish Tourist Office Toerisme Vlaanderen.



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