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Back to the golden age of Herentals in the Middle Ages

Opening of Flemish Masters in Situ in Herentals
Terug naar de Middeleeuwen, de ‘glorietijd’ van Herentals
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These free, 30-minute small-group events start at 7.30 pm, with the last group leaving at 9.30 pm. Do book in advance, because places are limited! Bookings until 29 May via

The event offers you the chance to get acquainted with Herentals’s lustrous past. As the Church of Saint Waltrude is bathed in atmospheric light, Master Passier Borreman will tell you everything about the masterpiece he made for the church: the Retable of Saint Crispin and Saint Crispinian, while the touchscreen will unveil all the pomp and circumstance of the church, the guilds and the eventful life of the magnificent retable. Young soprano Nadia Voordeckers accompanied by the organ will enchant you with music of the time.