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Circumcision of Christ
Melchior de la Mars
Melchior De La Mars Gent Augustijnenklooster


Melchior de la Mars painted this Circumcision of Christ in the autumn of 1621. The painting was intended for the most important place in the St. Stephen's Church of the Augustinian monastery: the high altar. In the nineteenth century the canvas was damaged in a fire. Since then, it is saved in the monastery itself. The rocaille list is not original, and the dimensions of the painting may have changed to fit the frame.



The current Augustinian monastery dates from the seventeenth century. The Augustinians had lived here since 1296, but all the older buildings of their convent were destroyed in the Iconoclasm of 1566 and under the Calvinist regime of the years 1572-1584. The reconstruction was difficult, but resulted in highlights like the cloister with twelve baroque door frames, the library full of precious old books and the rococo staircase in the abbot quarter.

The Augustijnenklooster is located near the picturesque district Het Patershol and the former Caermersklooster, now a provincial cultural center where interesting exhibitions take place until the end of 2017.

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